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Kyle Coffman is an award-winning filmmaker (Director/Writer/Producer) in the Los Angeles area, originally from the quaint town of Alton, Illinois. After spending 10 years in Washington, D.C. as a property manager, Kyle finally decided to pursue his passion and move to Los Angeles to become a filmmaker. Obsessed with horror movies as a teenager, he found a love in writing and completed his first screenplay at the age of 17. It was at this age that Kyle was presented with the opportunity to write and direct his first play about teenage adolescence and the consequences of drug abuse. The well received play launched Kyle into an exciting journey writing screenplays and short stories.


Kyle attended film school at California State University, Northridge; earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production. His script, Soldier Girl, about a young female amputee veteran struggling with PTSD, was chosen by California State University, Northridge Film Department’s faculty to be produced as part of four senior thesis films in his cohort. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the senior thesis films were never shot. 


His recognition as a talented screenwriter was displayed when two of his screenplays placed in the top 25% in The International Page Screenwriting Awards out of 5,000 entries. In addition to screenwriting, Kyle published his short horror novel Hell's Road, an adaptation from a screenplay he had previously written with the same title.


Kyle launched the independent production company Sebastian Films Unlimited, with the goal of making short films of all genres. The company’s short films have won multiple awards at various film festivals. Its 5th short film, Groomsday, written and directed by Kyle, a LGBTQ+ romance/thriller, that competed in the film festival circuit during the summer of 2022, won several awards including winning "Festival Favorite” at Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival, 2022. Kyle's latest film, Interview with the Devil, a crime psychological-thriller, wrapped production in March 2023 and is slated for a fall release. Sebastian Films Unlimited expanded their media and launched a horror podcast, created and narrated by Kyle, called Dark Corner, and features a new scary story on every episode written by un-represented writers as a way for those writers to get their stories heard by listeners. Dark Corner season 2 is currently running on all major podcast players. 


Kyle directed and co-produced the award-winning limited web-series, Guys Like You, which premiered on YouTube receiving over 2 million combined views before finding its home on Here TV. Guys Like You won Festival Favorite at Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival, 2023, and the show's lead actor, Trystan Colburn, won "Best Performance" at Gay Binge Film Festival's inaugural film fest in 2022. 

2010 - present
Short Films

Interview with the Devil | 2024


A recently fired television journalist scores the interview of a lifetime with a mass shooter, who gunned down 23 college students years ago. He has never spoken to the press. Until now

-Official Selection the Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival, 2024

Groomsday | 2022


-WINNER "Best Long Short" film

        Merced Queer Film Festival, 2022

-WINNER "Best Medium-Length Short" film  Festival

-WINNER "Festival Favorite" Cinema Diverse: Palm         Springs

         LGBTQ+ Film Festival, 2022

-Official Nominee "Best Director" short film

        Merced Queer Film Festival, 2022

-Official Selection Gay Binge Film Festival, 2022

-Official Selection Stamped Film Festival, 2022

Two men fall in love and experience a horrific tragedy on the night of their wedding.

Guys Like You | 2021

Series Director/Co-Producer

-WINNER "Festival Favorite" Cinema Diverse: Palm         Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival, 2023

-WINNER "Best Performance" actor Trystan                     Colburn,

        Gay Binge Film Festival, 2022

-FINALIST "Best Short Film",                2022

-Official Nominee "Best Pilot/Series,"

        Merced Queer Film Festival, 2022

-Official Selection Silicon Valley Queer Film Festival, 2022

-Official Selection Taos Pride Film Fest, 2022

A three episode web series about a gay college student trying to navigate his way through life and find his self-worth after meeting three different guys, over three different years, that each leave a unique impact on him.

CrAZEd 2 | 2019


-Official Selection Thrills, Chills, and Kills Film Fest 2021

The lunatic clown is back to stalk a drug dealing nurse.

CrAZEd | 2017


A lunatic clown stalks a corrupt attorney on his way home from work.

Another Casserole | 2017


-Official Selection Marina Del Rey Film Festival 2018

-WINNER "Best Writing" Los Angeles Pierce College Film Festival 2018

A grieving wife and mother must face the harsh reality of her new life.

It's in the Closet | 2014


Los Angeles City College

A student film about a novelist staying in an empty house haunted by an evil force.

2010 - present

Down Below | Horror 


Three survivors are forced to return to Hallow’s Lake to try to kill a creature that murdered their friends 12 years earlier.

Manipulating Miguel | Psychological-Thriller, LGBTQ


A teenage boy’s games of seduction with an innocent, but older man, leads to a surprising love affair that ends in a whirlwind of obsession and tragedy. 

Deranged Seduction | Drama, Thriller 


A teenage seductress transfers to a suburban high school and wreaks havoc on the popular group leaving behind a trail of mayhem and destruction. 

Screaming for Freedom | Drama, Action 


After a U.S. Senator's son is kidnapped, what seems like a tragedy turns into an opportunity, for the kidnapper and son, to get the upper hand on his crooked father.

Awards &

Groomsday | Short Film


WINNER "Best Long Short" film 

Official Nominee "Best Director"

       Merced Queer Film Festival, 2022 

WINNER "Best Medium-Length Short" film Festival

WINNER "Festival Favorite" Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs.        LGBTQ Film Festival

Guys Like You | Series


WINNER "Festival Favorite" Cinema Diverse: Palm                          Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival, 2023

Official Nominee "Best Pilot/Series," Merced Queer Film              Festival, 2022 

Guys Like You | William, episode 3


WINNER "Best Performance" actor Trystan Colburn,

        Gay Binge Film Festival, 2022 

FINALIST "Best Short Film", 2022 

Another Casserole | Short Film


WINNER "Best Writing" Award

        Los Angeles Pierce College, 2018

Marina Del Rey Film Festival Official Selection, 2018

Manipulating Miguel | Screenplay 


Placed in the top 25% The Page International Screenwriting Awards

It's in the Closet | Student Film


Nominated for Los Angeles City College's 2014 Cinema Division Selected Films, 2014.

Critic Reviews

Guys Like You: The Role of Support in Coming Age

Indie Script Mags

A three episode limited series, Kyle Coffman’s Guys Like You explores its protagonist through the encounters he has with three men who come into his life. Written by its lead actor, Trystan Colburn the story is a layered take on coming of age, questioning its very possibility where self-worth is missing.

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Groomsday: The Price of Others' Cruelty

Indie Script Mags

Kyle Coffman’s Groomsday, featuring Trystan Colburn in a second collaboration with Coffman, chronicles the story of a couple from their early days to their bloodied wedding night. A non-linear narrative wrapped up in 16 minutes, the film keeps returning to the gruesome present, survival in doubt. 

Read Review Here

Film Spotlight on Groomsday

Daniel Hess of ToTony Productions

Film spotlight focuses on the short film Groomsday directed by Kyle Coffman

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CrAZEd Part 2 Review

Daniel Hess of ToTony Productions

Crazed Part 2 comes to us from Producer, Writer, Director Kyle Coffman. Kyle along with George R. Brooks II craft a simple but effective short horror thriller that is guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Read Review Here


Dark Corner | Podcast


A horror podcast that features a new scary story on every episode.

Available on major podcast players and 

Hell's Road | Short Novel


A group of teenage friends must fight for their lives on an abandoned road that has been taken over by a satanic cult of cannibals. 

Available at

Falling for Theo | Novel


Currently in final draft.

Another Casserole | Short Story


Published in Los Angeles Pierce College's literary magazine, Direction, Spring 2017.

Special Skills

Experienced in Final Draft, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Avid Media Composer, and Davinci Resolve.

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