Kyle Coffman is originally from the small town of Alton, Illinois. He spent 10 years living in Washington, D.C. as a residential property manager for luxury high rises, before moving to Los Angeles to become a filmmaker. Kyle has been in love with Hollywood nearly his entire life. Obsessed with horror movies as a teenager, he quickly began writing as soon as he learned how to type. Originally, a self-taught screenwriter, he completed his first screenplay by the age of 17. It was at this age that Kyle was presented with the opportunity to write, direct, and star in his first play about teenage adolescence and the consequences of drug abuse. The play was a hit launching Kyle into a whirlwind of writing screenplays and short stories. After moving to Los Angeles, he enrolled in a film production program at Los Angeles City College and completed various cinema classes. His horror short, “It’s In The Closet” was nominated for the college’s Fall 2014 Cinema Division Selected Films. Kyle’s short story, “Prequel to Hell’s Road” won 3rd place at the Los Angeles City College’s 17th Annual Writing Contest. Two of Kyle’s screenplays placed in the top 25% in The International Page Screenwriting Awards (an international screenwriting competition that receives over 5,000 screenplays each year) in 2012 and 2015. Kyle published his short horror novel Hell's Road, an adaptation from a screenplay he had previously written with the same title, in 2016.

In 2017, Kyle launched the small, independent production company Sebastian Films Unlimited with the goal of making short films of all genres. The production company is currently in pre-production of their 5th short film which is set to release in 2021. 

In 2018, Kyle's short film, Another Casserole, was an official selection in the Marina Del Rey Film Festival and won for "Best Writing" at the Los Angeles Pierce College Film Festival.

Kyle is currently studying for his Bachelor of Arts in film production at California State University. 

2010 - present

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

2010 - present
Short Films

LGBT Short Film | 2021


Currently in pre-prodiction.

CrAZEd 2 | 2019


The lunatic clown is back to stalk a drug dealing nurse.

CrAZEd | 2017


A lunatic clown stalks a corrupt attorney on his way home from work.

Another Casserole | 2017


Official Selection Marina Del Rey Film Festival 2018

A grieving wife and mother must face the harsh reality of her new life.

It's in the Closet | 2014


Los Angeles City College

A student film about a novelist staying in an empty house haunted by an evil force.


Down Below | Horror 


Three survivors are forced to return to Hallow’s Lake to try to kill a creature that murdered their friends 12 years earlier.

Manipulating Miguel | Psychological-Thriller 


A teenage boy’s games of seduction with an innocent, but older man, leads to a surprising love affair that ends in a whirlwind of obsession and tragedy. 

Awards &

Another Casserole | Short Film


"Best Writing" award for Los Angeles Pierce College, 2018

Marina Del Rey Film Festival Official Selection, 2018

Manipulating Miguel | Screenplay 


Placed in the top 25% The Page International Screenwriting Awards

Prequel to Hell's Road | Short Story


Third Place Winner Los Angeles City College's 17th Annual Writing Contect, 2015.

It's in the Closet | Student Film


Nominated for Los Angeles City College's 2014 Cinema Division Selected Films, 2014.

Training &

Los Angeles Pierce College| Creative Writing | E. Anderson​

Los Angeles Pierce College| Beginning Acting | V. Grear​

Theatre Lab, Washington, D.C. | Acting for the Camera |

Avid User Certified

Special Skills

Experienced in Final Draft, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, and Avid Media Composer


Hell's Road | Short Novel


A group of teenage friends must fight for their lives on an abandoned road that has been taken over by a satanic cult of cannibals. 

Available at

Theo | Novel


Coming Soon.

Another Casserole | Short Story


Published in Los Angeles City College's literary magazine, Direction, Spring 2017.

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