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Down Below


Longline: Three survivors are forced to return to Hallow’s Lake to try to kill a creature that murdered their friends 12 years earlier.

Tagline: What you can't find will find you.

Hallow’s Lake is a 40 mile wide lake located deep in the woods of a rural county in Southern Illinois.  Because of its seclusion, it doesn’t receive many visitors. One afternoon, against their parents’ wishes; a group of 10-year-old kids decide to sneak off on their bicycles. They travel across one county and spend the afternoon swimming at Hallow’s Lake.  In the midst of all the swimming excitement ,their fun quickly turns into a blood tragedy when something attacks them from under the water. The brutal attack only leaves three to tell the tale.
Twelve years later, the carnage at Hallow’s Lake resurfaces leaving the local authorities baffled on its origin and happening. No one knows what’s in the water.  Only three people can help, the three children, now adults, who survived.
            Adam is now a working artist in New York City; Avery remains a patient at a local psychiatric hospital because she never recovered from the events on that day, and Christian is a lost soul who is in trouble with the law because of his troubled past.
            Together only these three survivors hold the key as to what is lurking below the surface in Hallow’s Lake and they are brought back to the lake to help find what evil lies beneath.  To end, once and for all what lives… Down below.

Manipulating Miguel

Psychological-Thriller, LGBT

Longline; A teenager’s games of seduction with an innocent, but older man, lead to a surprising love affair that ends in a whirlwind of obsession and tragedy for both men.


Tagline: In the game of manipulation, never allow the game to play you.

A manipulative story of deception and betrayal. Nineteen-year-old Ashton is the god of all mind games.  He can get whatever and whomever he wants.  With the help from his mentor, Kimberly, he is truly undefeatable.  He has seduced and destroyed just about everyone he encounters and is searching for a real challenge.  The twisted games of hate he plays with people are getting boring until he meets the innocent and charming Miguel.  Now he has a new game in the progress of cunning manipulation.  Miguel’s inexperience and innocence sicken him and he wants him destroyed.  His game soon overpowers him and he finds himself becoming obsessed.  No one can stop him now and anyone who dares to get in the way suffers with the consequences of his insanity.  Deception, seduction, betrayal, and murder follow.